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On Being an Anthropologist in the Era of Big Data

The classroom in one of the wet labs, set up for an activity with balloons. Last week before camp started I was speaking with the grandfather of one of our campers about my research and the Ph.D. program I am in. He told me that my analytic skills would be valuable when I finished because data analysts and statisticians are in high demand right now. He wasn’t wrong. We live in the era of “big data”, a phrase which refers to the use of extremely large-scale datasets - so large that they must be analyzed with computers. Indeed, advances in computing technology, along with an increased availability of a multiplicity of data points, are a significant factor in [...]

2017-08-03T14:49:03+00:00 August 3rd, 2017|Megan, Maguire Fellow in Dallas|

Not The Blog Post I Wanted To Write

This is not the blog post I wanted to write, nor the one I thought I would write when the summer began. But it is I think the most important one I will write for readers of this blog. I figured that it was likely that in working with folks experiencing homelessness that I would write about mental illness, I just did not think it would be my own mental illness about which I would write. All summer I have been fighting nearly debilitating depression and anxiety. It is a well-known, if rarely talked about, fact that Ph.D. students have an alarmingly high rate of mental and emotional illness. The stress of the pursuit of a doctoral degree along with [...]

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