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Krepiec Forest

An update from Maggie S., a junior majoring in engineering management, information and systems (EMIS) and pre-med: The location that hit me the hardest was the memorial in the Krepiec Forest. Here the memorial was very simple, just a big pile of grass surrounded by bricks. This hit me the hardest because it was easy to understand where the human remains were sitting in the ground. My partner and I had our memorial here, and she told a story of a man who lived on the border of the forest and watched trucks full of children walk into the forest and never come out. She spoke of how he could hear the gunshots and the screams of the children, but [...]

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Only This

Charlotte J. is a graduate student at SMU’s Perkins School of Theology: I am at home now, safe and warm. Yet, the encounters of the Holocaust camps has shut my mouth. I haven't been able to share with my family and friends the horror realized in the camps. I can share only this: Reflection on the Holocaust What were they here, What did they do, How does the Holocaust involve me and you? We heard the stories, we see the shame Who will take the blame? Why are we here, What can we do, How does the Holocaust involve me and you? No longer silent, no more denial, The whole world is on trial. Why are we here, What can [...]

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