Oct. 9, 2016

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and boy was I blown away with this country! Everything was beautiful: the people, the streets, the architecture (did I mention the people?) Here are a few highlights from my weekend:

The city itself is unbelievably beautiful:



The Vasa Museum:

Want to check out the most visited museum in Scandinavia? The Vasa Museum hosts a salvaged 17th century Viking ship, and it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Image courtesy of amusingplanet.com

Image courtesy of amusingplanet.com

Ice Bar Stockholm:

A unique experience for all those willing to brace the cold! Imagine your favorite bar, but inside an igloo. Plus it makes the perfect photo-op! Don’t let the smile fool ya; I was absolutely freezing.

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Swedish Tea Time:

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the Swedes love pastries just as much as the Danes. Check out Vete Katten in Stockholm for the full Swedish tea time experience! My personal recommendation? The Budapest Mandarin cake.


Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm):

This is the best place to get lost in Stockholm. You could easily spend a day wandering the streets of Gamla Stan, checking out Swedish cafes and souvenir shops. My favorite stop of the weekend.


Overall, I have to say I underestimated Sweden. Though Stockholm was not originally on my “need-to-see” list of places to travel, I’m so thankful some friends of mine roped me into joining this trip. Stockholm will undoubtedly go down as a highlight of my time abroad, and I’d recommend it to any future DIS students.

Vi ses!

This post originally appeared on the A Coffee Girl in Copenhagen blog.