An update from Chelsea, a human rights major and women’s and gender studies minor:

Today our group visited La Sala. The organization is located in San Jose, Costa Rica and focuses on defending and promoting the rights of sex workers. We were privileged enough to meet with four women who are sex workers in the area. The women gave us insight into their world, which embodied sex education, knowledge of economics and business and female empowerment.

The idea of sex workers is not one that is typically welcomed. However, the women at La Sala discussed the benefits of making sex work legal in Costa Rica. These included (but are not limited to) the decline of brothels, underage sex workers, less STDs and health risks, healthcare, pensions, and minimum wage for sex workers, and the decline of sex-tourism.

I really appreciated the opportunity to meet with the women at La Sala because of the insight they gave us on how sex workers can increase the development in countries such as Costa Rica.