It still seems surreal that in just a few days I will be embarking on a journey that has meant so much to me for such a long time.

This summer I will have the privilege of working with the Magdaleno Leadership Institute in empowering and educating a group of young women from Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala.

I will to volunteer at the Escuela Oficial Urbana de Niñas Leonor Rosales vda de Ramirez, an all girls school located near Antigua, Guatemala.



The region is dominated by an indigenous population that struggles with immense poverty. From July 11–21, I will assist in an academy for the girls that consists of a rigorous one-week leadership training, as well as aiding them in the renovation of their public library. Both aspects of this project are immensely intricate and fascinating in their own ways, so make sure to follow my blog to learn more about them in my future posts!