img_0729An update from Devon, a double major in political science and communication studies:

As one of the leading global oil companies, ExxonMobil employs a high-energy and highly influential communications team to handle both its international and national communications.  As we met with two of the company’s communications leaders, it was surreal for me to begin to understand how much global politics affects domestic politics.

In theory, the federal and international communications teams at ExxonMobil are two separate entities.  In reality, however, they work closely together to ensure that a consistent message is being conveyed to the company’s stakeholders, customers, and employees.  As the two women spoke of their experiences, the theme of interconnectivity quickly emerged. This made sense as a major component of the ExxonMobil business model revolves around keeping the entire company working seamlessly together.

On a personal level, I already had a close connection with ExxonMobil due to the fact that they sponsored my first internship out of high school.  Being able to come full circle and see the corporate headquarters was an extremely surreal experience.  Leaving their offices, I certainly had hopes of returning to the company as an employee sometime in my near future.