An update from Dr. Robert Krout, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Mary Hay/Peyton Residential Community:

Scavenger Hunt 2Dr.KAs a FiR, I have many opportunities to support and take part in programming with our wonderful RA staff. An example of this was a “murder mystery scavenger hunt,” which took place in November between Mary Hay and Peyton Halls. The theme of the evening as designed by the RAs was helping residents learn more about all of the resources available to them in our residential community. Students also followed clues found at each successive station or destination on the hunt designed to solve a fictitious murder that had supposedly occurred in our RC. These clues eventually led the students to my FiR apartment to discover that I had been “the killer”!Scavenger HuntDrK

Of course, while I didn’t kill anyone, I did have a spread of snacks and drinks ready (with RA assistance, of course), and we had a great social hour after the “crime” had been solved. This was a great and fun way for students to learn more about their residential community while also coming together for refreshments and socializing with me and the RAs at the conclusion of the evening.