An update from Lisa, a senior psychology and human rights major:

To the Foot Soldiers, Freedom Riders, and Civil Rights Activists

I do not intend to change the world.

I intend to change a mind or two in my world.

I hope to inspire others to change the minds of others in this world.

I intend to change me.

I am encouraged by the way you moved.

I am inspired by the way you acted.

I am touched by your words, but words alone do not break the backs of the powerful oppressors.

Action transforms.

Proactive people are pros at active thinking and powerful activity.

I want to be (pro)active like you.

When I sit here I am impatient because I would rather be marching.

In my head I stand tall and move fast and effectively.

I am a foot soldier standing a foot above.

I will not move mountains, but I will move minds.

Mountains are fixed like fixed mentalities about race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Minds are evolving like the evolution of equality.

We need minds to move.

Minds like you.