Have been quite the whirlwind! On Saturday I visited PS1, an extension of MOMA built in an old school building (all New York City public schools start with “PS” for public school).

After walking through the Mike Kelly exhibit I went to Neue Gallerie to see the Kandinsky exhibit. Afterwards we met my aunt and uncle for dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant, which has been used to film scenes for 30 Rock and Parks and Rec!

After dinner we went to a benefit in honor of national human trafficking awareness day. The benefit was for the charity Free the Slaves, and it was held in my uncle’s church (which was used as a major point in the Underground Railroad).

Today I went on a day trip to upstate New York via an overground train along the Hudson River from Grand Central Station. I went to Via:Beacon, a really beautiful modern art museum.

I’m now finishing my day by catching up on my homework assignments. All this walking around the city is exhausting!


Fog and raintumblr_mzbqea2HY31rg2pr9o1_400 tumblr_mzbqem2g4B1rg2pr9o1_400 tumblr_mzbqgqJbtg1rg2pr9o1_400

Outside Neue Gallerietumblr_mzbqhm4IXy1rg2pr9o1_400

Benefit concert for Free the Slavestumblr_mzbqib8ktM1rg2pr9o1_400 tumblr_mzbqimNBWy1rg2pr9o1_400

Andy Warhol | Shadows (in DIA:Beacon)tumblr_mzbqjtxmM91rg2pr9o1_400 tumblr_mzbqk0GD7Z1rg2pr9o1_400 DIA Beacontumblr_mzbqk7qkPF1rg2pr9o1_400

The Hudson River is still partially frozentumblr_mzbqlqGIRS1rg2pr9o1_400 Harlemtumblr_mzbqmfoiLH1rg2pr9o1_400