It’s really very pretty. Luckily we will be visiting the New Museum today, so we will be enjoying it from indoors.

View of Manhattan from my professor’s room in Hotel Beacontumblr_mz708uKOuv1rg2pr9o1_400

Spotted in midtowntumblr_mz70gzD2HX1rg2pr9o1_400

New Museum of Contemporary Art (as if you couldn’t tell from the architecture!)tumblr_mz70hzNiME1rg2pr9o1_400

“Porsche with Meteorite” | Chris Burdentumblr_mz7k18qKoG1rg2pr9o1_400

Little Free Library in NoHotumblr_mz7k4qqMK41rg2pr9o1_250tumblr_mz7k4qqMK41rg2pr9o2_250