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SMU Global Leadership Program Asia A: Japan & China – Day 4

An update from Sam Puri, who is participating in the Global Leadership Program in Japan and China: For our fourth day, we continued with our company visits and had the chance to meet with PWC and Kirin. The PWC visit was much more of a Q&A format, as we spent about 15 minutes learning about the company with the rest of the time devoted to Q&A. Some of the main takeaways we learned during the session included: PWC PRTM Japan was acquired by PWC US as part of the 2011 PRTM acquisition In Japan, meetings are not for discussion as everything should have been discussed beforehand Traditional companies in Japan have an administrative track into which mostly women are hired and are [...]

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Human rights are everyone’s responsibility

An update from Derek, a junior majoring in finance and economics: Today marks our third full day in Costa Rica. After enjoying a breakfast of the fresh, bountiful fruits of this natural wonderland, representatives from Youth for Human Rights and the Foundation for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights visited our group. The two representatives were a powerful reminder of how neglected human rights issues are. I am confident that there is much good in the world and that people would support human rights given the chance. However, most people are bystanders simply because they do not realize what is going on. I went on this trip to gain a better understanding of human rights. Having never taken a [...]

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Defenders of justice for Latin America

The Embrey Human Rights Program’s Student Leadership Initiative is traveling to Costa Rica in May 2014 to investigate specific human rights issues. Eighteen students attended lectures during the Spring 2014 term in preparation for the trip. They will complete an independent research project and present their findings at a symposium. The student-led SLI was founded in 2010 to create opportunities to pursue human rights research and service-learning projects.

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Meeting (and Tweeting) Governor Perry

As part of MayTerm 2014, a group of students from Temerlin Advertising Institute at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts are on an industry immersion course in New York City. The course involves nine days of visits to advertising agencies, client companies and media organizations. Members of the “Nimble Nine,” as our nine students call themselves, will blog about their up-close and personal look at the amazing advertising business in New York

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SMU Global Leadership Program Asia A: Japan & China – Day 3

An update from Sam Puri, who is participating in the Global Leadership Program in Japan and China: To start Day 3 of the Global Leadership Program, we had to take an early bus the next morning for our company visit to Nishimura & Asahi and Hitachi. The purpose of company visits during the GLP program at SMU is to learn about work culture and operations for internationally-based companies. During our first visit to Nishimura & Asahi, we had the pleasure of first hearing from Megumi Kiyozuka, CLSA at Nishimura & Asahi. He spoke mainly about the macroeconomy, private equity in Japan, and career paths to private equity in Japan. These were some key points that Kiyozuka mentioned: Unemployment in Japan [...]

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SMU Global Leadership Program: Asia A Japan & China – Day 2

An update from Sam Puri, who is participating in the Global Leadership Program in Japan and China: Continuing from my previous blog post, on our first official day in Japan, we had the whole day to ourselves to check out Tokyo and did not have any school commitments for the day. As you can imagine, many of the MBA students took this opportunity to explore Tokyo and learn more about the city. Due to my jet lag I was awake by about 5 AM. Many of the other students were experiencing jet lag as well, so many of us were in the lobby trying to figure out what to do by 8 AM. After speaking with Michael Kaplan and Professor Walker, [...]

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Lights… Camera… wait, you want this by WHEN?

An update from Dr. Mark Kerins, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Morrison-McGinnis Residential Community: As the academic year winds down, we’re still as busy as ever prepping for next year – lots to do before we head into the summer! Big news this week (as usual, news first posted via Twitter @MoMacRC) is that we now have a full complement of four Faculty Affiliates (FAs) on board for the fall, which was the last piece of our team to come together. I’m really pumped about the people we have: not only are they great faculty whom I think our students will love having involved with MoMac, but they come from disciplines all across the university, so hopefully all our [...]

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