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Long Study Tour to Istanbul

This past week I went on my long study tour with my core course to Istanbul, Turkey! In class we have been discussing the various ethnic, religious, and political groups in Turkey and we got to see these groups firsthand during our trip. As a class we were divided between the following groups to study: Political Islam, Secularism & Kemalism, Non-Muslim Minorities, The Kurdish Question, and The Muslim Alevi. Our final assignment will be writing a new constitution for Turkey that our assigned group would enjoy. My group is the Non-Muslim Minorities, aka the Armenians, Greeks, and Jews. I was very excited to go to Istanbul. Istanbul is very populated and is a predominantly Muslim country. Istanbul is also where [...]

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It cannot be forgotten

An update from Erika, a Master's student in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on Human Rights: “Oh my gosh, you’re going to have SUCH A BLAST! France is so fantastic.” That’s what I repeatedly heard when I would tell friends and family that I was going to France on a study abroad trip about the Holocaust. I didn’t mean to, but I would get quite frustrated when they would say these things. I know that France is amazing, I know it’s fantastic, but I was going to study one of the darkest moments in history. In a way, I was telling everyone I know that I was going to do this trip just to see if anyone would react with [...]

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Spring Updates

An update from Andrew, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a first-year majoring in Anthropology and Human Rights: Spring has sprung at SMU! With midterms out of the way, and less than two months remaining in the semester, its time to start thinking about housing for next year. Fall 2014 will mark a new era in Mustang history with the implementation of the Residential Commons. To help with the transition, the RCLC held an expo in Hughes-Trigg recently. From 3 to 7 p.m., students came by to learn about each Commons and consider where they might want to live next year. Many wonderful Residential Commons Directors and Faculty-in-Residence members made appearances at the expo to promote their Commons. The [...]

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To the Foot Soldiers, Freedom Riders, and Civil Rights Activists

An update from Lisa, a senior psychology and human rights major: To the Foot Soldiers, Freedom Riders, and Civil Rights Activists I do not intend to change the world. I intend to change a mind or two in my world. I hope to inspire others to change the minds of others in this world. I intend to change me. I am encouraged by the way you moved. I am inspired by the way you acted. I am touched by your words, but words alone do not break the backs of the powerful oppressors. Action transforms. Proactive people are pros at active thinking and powerful activity. I want to be (pro)active like you. When I sit here I am impatient because [...]

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Reflections: Our purpose as travelers

Immersion Leader: Dr. Carlos Cardoza-Orland One of the essential elements contributing to the transformative character of this immersion was the leadership of Dr. Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi, Professor of Global Christianities and Mission Studies at Perkins School of Theology. The scope of his knowledge about a constellation of issues related to Cuba, augmented by his own heritage and personal experiences as a native Puerto Riqueño, was invaluable. More importantly, his authentic personhood, so clearly visible in his transparent love and appreciation for the people of Cuba, invited us and opened us to the opportunity of entering into the experience in ways that words fail to fully express. Table Talk at Matanzas Seminary More or less midway through our [...]

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The thrill of victory

SMU Guildhall Executive Director Gary Brubaker (center) with the winning Kraven Manor team, all smiles after the Intel University Games Showcase at GDC 2014. We're bringing home both trophies! What a day! Two SMU Guildhall student game teams (Kraven Manor and Hymn of the Sands) were named finalists in the Intel University Games Showcase, a competition which awards $20,000 in hardware grants to the winning school(s). Twelve games were judged on best gameplay and best visuals and the Guildhall team that produced Kraven Manor won BOTH! Intel will be providing $20,000 worth of hardware to our program. How amazing is that?!? We are so proud of both teams and congratulate all of the members of the Kraven Manor [...]

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The social network

An update from René Archambault, manager of admissions and alumni affairs in The Guildhall at SMU: More than 300 game industry professionals, Guildhall alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered last night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Guildhall at SMU and our recent #3 (of 234) ranking by the Princeton Review. This reception is a great time for our students and recent graduates to network and start working toward the ultimate goal of landing a job in the game industry. Hiring managers abounded last night, and many good conversations were had. Many of these industry friends came with a list of future graduates that they wanted to speak with to set up interviews. We appreciate their love of Guildhall students [...]

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Getting into #GDC2014

René Archambault, manager of admissions and alumni affairs, and Tricia Skinner, manager of career development, are representing The Guildhall at SMU at the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC) March 19-21. The GDC – the world's largest professional game industry event – takes place annually in San Francisco. René is blogging daily during the conference, and Tricia is live-tweeting via @SMUGuildhall.

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MoMac Attack

An update from Dr. Mark Kerins, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the Morrison-McGinnis Residential Community: This is an exciting week for the Residential Commons system, with Wednesday’s housing expo giving students a chance to learn about the various RCs and then housing selection happening next Monday and Tuesday. So a week from now we’ll have the first half of new MoMac residents chosen, with the other half being first-years coming to SMU this fall. The focus of the MoMac leadership team – now expanded from myself, Liz (our RCD), and our RCLC members to include our RAs – over the last couple weeks (including spring break) was getting materials together for the housing expo. We put together a pretty cool [...]

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