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Why the Residential Commons?

An update from Miroslava Detcheva, Faculty in Residence (FiR) for the McElvaney Residential Community: Why do we need the Residential Commons? This is a question many students have asked me. Personally, I see the Residential Commons (RCs) as melting pots of academic interests, unique talents, and ever-growing cultural diversity that will shape and mold excellent scholars and well-rounded individuals. In the new communities, students will be able to interact with peers from all academic disciplines and diverse backgrounds. They will also connect on a more personal level with enthusiastic faculty willing to mentor and share unique life experiences. As we are getting ready for the grand opening of the Residential Commons, some students have questioned the transformation of campus living. [...]

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Dinner Conversation

An update from Jamie, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in accounting in the Cox School of Business.  I type in the code and step into a warm room amongst the cold outside. The smell of tomato soup fills my nose. It’s lunch time at Delta Gamma. I get my plate and sit down at a table full of friends. The best part isn’t the soup, though, or the grilled cheese, or even the nice place setting and the fine silverware. It’s that time after everyone is done eating, but still sitting down. We linger. The conversations range from SMU basketball to politics to who had the cutest dress at formal. We laugh, discuss, and [...]

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