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A Walk Through Helsingør

Today Ainsley, my host mother, Mette, and I went on a walk through Helsingør. As we walked, Mette told us about different buildings and sites. The Little Mermaid is a famous sculpture in Copenhagen of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale and is a symbol of Denmark. In Helsingør, lies The Little Boy, a sculpture very similar to The Little Mermaid, but of a boy with legs. We had fun taking selfies and pictures through the reflective skin of the sculpture.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week

A winter coat designed by a second year student. A vest designed by a first year student. A winter coat designed by a second year student. One of the free events during Copenhagen Fashion Week: free hairstyling                   It’s fashion week in Copenhagen! One of the many events put on for fashion week was an open house at the Fashion Design Akademiet. The Fashion Design Akademiet is very close to DIS, so my host sister, Ainsley, and I decided to stop by. The Academy is a two-year program for students pursuing fashion design. One Dane kindly introduced us to the school and showed us [...]

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