Sorry I’ve been seemingly slacking on the updates, but it’s only because the unthinkable happened – I got sick again! This time was less fun than the last because I got sick the week before midterms and continued being sick until the day of my last exam. I couldn’t miss any school; otherwise I would be too behind and have to possibly reschedule my exams, which I did not want to do. If you’ve ever been sick while having to juggle classes and studying, you know what I mean. I basically spent my morning and early afternoon in class, then immediately went home to rest and do what I call “struggle-study,” no bueno.

A picture from a past trip to El Escorial

Lesson learned: The temperature in Madrid may not be that much colder in comparison to Dallas, but the air here is definitely drier so it feels chillier and windier. Factor in the amount of walking you do outside and you’ve got a pretty cold winter experience. Bottom line – ALWAYS bundle up and wear a scarf whenever going out, especially at night.

But now that I am just about fully recovered AND finished with my midterms, I have so much to look forward to. ¡Que guay! (How cool!) How about the fact that I am going to Lisbon, Portugal this weekend – my first trip outside of Spain. Just a little over a week ago, I had no intention to travel this weekend, but after my friends discussed how we should take advantage of the fact that midterms are over (which is only more reason to celebrate), I thought “Why not!?” And with that, we booked our flights less than 24 hours later.

I can’t wait to return and share with you pictures and my experiences. Maybe I’ll learn a bit of Portuguese while I’m there? Okay, okay I’ll be realistic… more like a phrase or two.