SMU-in-Italy: Arts and Culture 2013

During summer 2013, 21 students are participating in SMU-in-Italy: Arts and Culture, led by artist Kathy Windrow, adjunct professor in Meadows School of the Arts. The program is based in the medieval hill town of Orvieto and takes students on weekly field trips to archaeological sites, museums, villas and churches in cities including Pompeii, Florence and Rome.

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Watercolors in Orvieto

An update from Chandler, a junior journalism and advertising major:

20130617-134153For the last two days we’ve been getting used to life in Orvieto. Two days ago we had a full class day of drawing. We walked across the town to the medieval district and sat in the shade to draw the cityscape. I chose to draw a span of houses on a cliff that overlooked forests and farmlands in the distance beyond the city. The class goal was to draw proportionally and in correct linear directions. It was challenging at times to tell from my point of view if the house sloped up or down and many parts were sinking and therefore defying the linear laws. I drew from nine to 11 and then began the watercolor.

We took a break for lunch, and my group of friends had pizza. Afterwards we met for our continued drawing class at the hotel because it was raining. We painted in the basement from 2-4:30 and were finished. I really like how mine turned out.

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