An update from Ana Sophia, a senior human rights major with a minor in French:

The Civil Rights pilgrimage has proved to be a beautiful trip that not only tells, but also brings to life American history.

It is surprising to discover how many important facts are untold in American history about the Civil Rights Movement that I learned in Dr. Simon’s Civil Rights course. Furthermore, it is astonishing to discover how much more there is to these stories and events once you experience visiting certain sites, and especially, meeting various Civil Rights heroes.

This trip provides an invaluable opportunity for students to meet the heroes of a Movement that took place not long ago. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to meet such individuals and listen to their stories. To feel what they felt and actually visit the places certain events took place. It is a dive into the past where people of color and whites were ordered not to mix publicly by law.

It is an intellecutal, emotional and even spiritual journey as you share the struggle of civil rights, of human rights. The call to action of each of these individuals you meet remains the most valuable part of the trip for me. Their suffering and struggle cannot go to waste. We are nowhere near done, and meeting such distinguished individuals as those you encounter on the trip pushes you to develop your own skills so as to reach your full potential and play your own role in creating a more just nation today.