SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage 2013

During spring break 2013, students, faculty and staff are taking a nine-day bus ride through the American South to visit civil rights landmarks and leaders in the movement. Political Science Professor Dennis Simon leads the pilgrimage with the SMU Chaplain’s Office.

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Our right to vote

An update from Michael, a sophomore majoring in human rights and religious studies and minoring in Arabic and ethics:

Today in Selma we had the privilege of speaking with some foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. One thread that ran through their speeches was the importance of voting. I heard what actually had to take place for all people to vote.

This strengthened my resolve to remain politically active. I was slightly disappointed with some of the local races in the last election, and was feeling a little discouraged. This inspired me to continue with my efforts to encourage people to vote, and to not take that right for granted.

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