DSC00706This weekend I went on a trip to Albany. My advisor had it all planned out, and we went to many nice tourist spots.

My favorite by far was the Tree Top Walk in The Valley of the Giants in Denmark, Australia. The Tree Top Walk lets you get great views of the forest while walking on a boardwalk that is 120 feet in the air. That height is nothing compared to the red tingle tree that can grow up to 230 feet. This boardwalk was made for tourists to walk on to protect the delicate roots of this tree. I was pretty excited to visit this tourist destination after reading about it in Bill Bryson’s book In a Sunburned Country, which I recommend reading if you plan to visit Australia.

A few other places we stopped include the Albany Museum, Middleton Beach, and the Australian Alpaca Centre. We headed back Sunday afternoon. The five-hour car ride was full of views of red dirt and trees. There wasn’t a lot going on between Perth and Albany, but it was nice to see the Outback.

I am taking four classes at Curtin University. The structure is a lot different from classes at SMU. At Curtin University a 50 is considered passing in most courses and your grade is usually determined by two tests and an assignment or just a few papers. Instead of meeting at a regular time, you meet once a week for a lecture and once a week for a tutorial. My Marketing lecture has 550 students in the class and an additional 500 students watching it online. Luckily the tutorial for each class only has about 30 students, but I was definitely a little overwhelmed my first day in class.

Well that is all for now, I am planning on a day trip to Swan Valley next Sunday so I’ll let you know how that goes in my next post!