Last week we had another week off of school so I took a trip to Sydney with two friends. Thursday was a holiday called ANZAC Day; it is the equivalent of Memorial Day in the United States. There was a huge parade in the city, only a block away from our hotel.

Sydney is a bigger city than Perth, and I enjoyed being right downtown. While in Sydney we did all the tourist activities. We climbed the Harbour Bridge, toured the Sydney Opera House, hiked in the Blue Mountains and enjoyed Bondi Beach for a day. The Bridge climb was my favorite part; it took three hours to climb and we took plenty of breaks. It is 440 ft high at the top, and the view of the harbour is amazing. Sydney has many more American franchises than Perth; it was nice to go to places like Starbucks and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. We even took a dozen doughnuts back on the plane to Perth.

Now that I am back in Perth it is mid-terms week, so I have been doing a lot of studying. The grading system is a lot different in Australia. A 50 is considered passing, and for most of your classes your grade is determined by only three assignments.

This weekend I have a trip to Rottnest Island planned, which will be nice to relax after all these tests. However, it is the start of May now, and since the seasons are switched it is the beginning of winter here. It won’t get cold enough to snow, but it’s too cold to go swimming at the beach!