It is the end of my semester at Curtin University. I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but a lot has happened.

I was able to go on a trip to The Outback with a group on campus called Curtin Volunteers.  Five of us flew to Laverton, Western Australia, and spent 5 days volunteering in the community. In the morning we helped shelve books at the new library for the elementary school and in the afternoon we helped out at the youth center.

During our free time we were able to explore The Outback a bit and go to a few look-out points.  We were also able to see a few of the closed mining sites with a local guide. Laverton is known as a mining town and has a population of 200 people. There is more red dirt than you could ever imagine. I wasn’t thinking and packed white sneakers for the weekend. They are now light red, but I am glad I was able to see The Outback while in Australia.


I also went on a day trip to Lancelin and the Pinnacles. Lancelin is known for sand dunes and beaches. I was able to go 4WD and sand boarding with a friend. Sand boarding is a lot harder than snowboarding. It is actually more like sledding. There was a contest for longest run, best scream, and best wipe out. I was able to win the longest run on the sand board.

Our next stop was the Pinnacles desert, which is made up of limestone rock formations. There is a mile-long path through the dessert you can walk through. It isn’t very well marked so it took us a bit longer to walk through than expected. The next stop was a lobster factory where they process and ship lobster to all over the world. I don’t like lobsters, but it was interesting to see. They sort the lobsters according to size and then ship them to different countries that prefer that size.

I have enjoyed my last five months in Perth, but I am looking forward to going back to America for the summer. I have been stocking up on souvenirs to bring home, and yesterday I stopped by the grocery store to get some Vegemite for my family to try. If you are considering studying abroad in Perth, I would highly recommend it!