An update from Kristine, a sophomore majoring in real estate finance and minoring in law and legal reasoning and Spanish, who is researching Justice Byron White’s position in libel cases over his tenure on the Court and why he ultimately called for the reversal of his opinion in the 1964 case New York Times v. Sullivan:

Starting at 3 a.m. on Monday, my mind and body have been running nonstop; hence, my two little pinky toes are about to fall off. After landing safely in D.C., we hopped on the metro (although it wasn’t that easy since the machines take only $1, $5, and $10 bills) to the most perfect hotel in Ballston, Virginia (as it has complimentary breakfast). Shortly after check-in, we were back on the metro and headed to D.C. to check out the place where we would spend the next five days researching the papers of the Justices.

Upon arrival at the Library of Congress, we registered for our researcher’s cards and then headed out to check out the rest of D.C. (as in the Jefferson Building and the Supreme Court). Finally my nerves had been calmed, and I was ready to take on this week of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

This morning I set my alarm (3 times just to make sure I woke up) for 5:30 to get in an early morning run with the best professor on SMU’s campus, Professor Kobylka. Alex, Kobylka and I took on Custis Trail for a quick 3-mile run, followed up by a delicious breakfast and a metro ride to the LOC to get to work.

When I opened up my first folder for Justice Byron White, I could not have been more amazed and excited to get an inside look at how Justices come to the decisions that are ultimately published by the Court and therefore define our history. This stuff is incredible. The seven hours that we spent in the Library today flew by, and I surprisingly can’t wait to get back there tomorrow. However, all the excitement aside, I must say that I am exhausted, and therefore I have become the most frequent and best metro sleeper thus far (and the subject of some super cute pictures).

With blister Band-Aids on my toes, and lots of work left to do, I am going to bed to dream about the exciting week I have ahead of me.