As I sit alone working in my New York City room, all I can think about is how much I miss Taos. Images of the picturesque New Mexican landscape fill my head despite the illustrious skyline of Manhattan outside of my window and the breathtaking madness on the streets below. NYC does not have that precious vibe found only in Taos, and while I love finance, the busy hours of Excel modeling, and business dress codes, life is so wholesome and simple in Taos.

mstnghallSMU-in-Taos offers student opportunities unlike anything other schools provide.  On a recent off day, I wore one of my SMU-in-Taos t-shirts around the city. During our outing, a few of my fellow interns asked about the program. Throughout my explanation and stories of Taos, their eyes continued to widen.  They were shocked SMU had such an expansive campus in such a special locale so different from a “typical” college property.

One coworker compared our campus to a summer camp for celebrities.  While I thought it was a humorous remark playing into one of SMU’s stereotypes, he had a good point.  Who else can explore the luxurious mountains through so many activities in an often unknown and exclusive location while still being productive and getting a few classes accomplished?  Sounds like special treatment to me!

Julia2If you are a current SMU student who has never been Taos, I strongly encourage you to consider the opportunity.  You may have excuses – I had them, too.  However, you cannot dismiss the advantages offered by the quick schedules offered during the May and August terms.

IMG_4619Scholarships are available, and you can even be an RA, like me, to further cut down on tuition!  SMU-in-Taos enables you to have your extraordinary summer internship as well as having an educational vacation in Taos.  Grab a group of friends and go have the best summer experience to date. The professors are incredible, the food is outstanding, the town is adorable, the people are absolutely precious, the weather is perfect, and the potential adventure is unparalleled.  Do it.  Take the step and branch out, even if “nature” is not really your thing.  I promise you won’t regret it.