Julia in Taos

Julia is a senior finance major with a specialization in alternative asset management, a concentration in risk management & insurance, and a minor in economics. This is her second time to study in Taos.

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Extreme Regret

As a Resident Advisor in Taos, I often drive one of the vans transporting students to their Wellness activities. Through this experience, I have learned that not taking my Wellness class in Taos was one of the biggest mistakes of my life! Today I drove a van for Anne Weil’s class to a rock climbing adventure.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

First, Ms. Weil is one of the most amazingly wonderful, super remarkable people you will ever meet. Second, rock climbing was so much fun!! Not only was the view incredible, but the 100-foot climb was thrilling. The expert climbers who guided us were incredibly helpful, but encouraged you to reach out of your comfort zone – literally!  My sunburn is quite severe and excruciating, but that is all a part of the experience, right?  Wear your sunscreen, y’all!  Good thing Ginny, the Executive Chef, has plenty of genuine Aloe Vera to share.

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