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Julia is a senior finance major with a specialization in alternative asset management, a concentration in risk management & insurance, and a minor in economics. This is her second time to study in Taos.

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Eclectic Experiences

Me at Taos Plaza Live

Me at Taos Plaza Live

Every Thursday evening in the summer there is a musical event in the Plaza called Taos Plaza Live  (TPL). This Thursday night we made the trip an RA program since Max Gomez was singing. He is a very popular hometown boy, so we were excited to go see him along with his adoring fans!

The Plaza was an awesome place full of eclectic people and delicious food to keep you satisfied for days.  In fact, I think I’m still full from my Butter Pecan Rocky Mountain Ice Cream…..time to go for that run along the creek on-campus.  TPL was a big party with dancing, friends, and laughter.  I think the entire town was there!  People of all ages attended with many of their precious doggies in tow.

Rocky Mountain ice cream

Rocky Mountain ice cream

The performance was great, and I cannot wait to return to the festivities again next week!

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