I was thinking yesterday about some of the funniest things that have happened to me here. Although I could list more than just a few, I have come to understand and accept the fact that many of them come from my own misunderstandings.

I am constantly reminded of one rather humorous incident…

Very early on, I became observant of a fashion trend that I seemed to see almost everywhere ( I still do): “Wills” apparel.

It seemed as if “Wills” was stamped on every t-shirt, sweatshirt and baseball cap parading through town. Because I’m in St Andrews – and perhaps because I’ve read a couple biographies on the royal couple – my mind immediately translated Wills to William. I thought, “Hey, that’s neat, there is ‘Team Wills’ apparel!” You know, kind of like when everyone was either Team Christina or Team Britney when it came to pop music (back when it was at its peak). I just assumed that St Andrews was making a statement and standing behind its royal alum, proudly stamping Prince William’s nickname on anything and everything. I was wrong, however.

I soon came across a clothing store by the name of Jack Wills. Needless to say, my fondness for what I thought was school, town and nation pride was turned on its head. But hey, its a great idea if you think about it. If “Wills” as in Team William apparel ever came around, I’d wear it.