Jordan 5&6

Again, sorry I haven’t written in a couple days, but I think this might happen quite frequently. Although every day here is something to see, I don’t always have a story to post about.

The past couple of days I have spent running more of those errands that I really needed to get done, as well as got some pictures I have been wanting to get for both readers and myself.

First off, you should see the back road I have been taking into town lately:


I might as well get acquainted with this scene (no problem, really) since I will so often be passing through here on my way from my flat into town. As you can see, although the walk is quite a trek, it’s at least a beautiful one.

I’ve spent a couple nights out enjoying myself, including one night at a place called Forgan’s where they host traditional Scottish Ceilidhs every Friday and Saturday night. This had to be a highlight of my week.

For those of you who don’t know what a ceilidh is, it’s quite difficult to explain, but let me try. Essentially, it’s a time when there is a folk band and it plays music and leads people at a particular venue on how to do different group-style dances. For example, there might be a couples’ dance or a circle dance with more people, either of which will each have its own song, and with each new song, more people can join in. It’s all just for fun! The group that I went with all joined in, along with myself, into one dance that involved one large circle. It was quite the time! Below is a quick snapshot of a couples’ dance that I watched:


I sort of feel as though that was one of my many initiations into Scottish culture, haha.

I’ve also been hanging out with my new flatmates this week, and last night we enjoyed a new dessert favorite of mine: sticky toffee pudding. This stuff is amazing! Imagine a warm, chewy, toffee-flavored brownie served alongside vanilla ice cream…it’s mouth-watering.

Speaking of mouth-watering, I nearly drooled when I first saw this sign in town:


Needless to say, I’ve already been there (Northpoint) twice already…oh well, no shame whatsoever.

I also took a walk through the St. Andrews Cathedral cemetery, and down the pier to get a view of the coast from a further vantage point. It’s beautiful, but admittedly a bit colder out on the water!

Along with the immediate touristy things I’ve taken care of, I’ve also taken care of some politics; I signed up for classes and am officially enrolled for the semester!

Getting to know my way around town is something I am getting used to after so many walks in and out of town/back and forth from my flat. I swear, I dunno how Harry, Ron and Hermione did it…St. Andrews is comparable to Hogwarts grounds, maybe bigger.

Anyway, I’m off to bed so I can ‘give it a go’ tomorrow at a few clubs/societies. I’ll check in again soon!

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