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Jordan is a senior majoring in English in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, with minors in journalism and fashion media in Meadows School of the Arts. In fall 2013, she is studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, through SMU Abroad and IFSA-Butler. These are excerpts from her personal blog:

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Final Countdown

jordan final countdown

Well, guys, it’s safe to say I’ve been dreaming…dreaming of home, precisely.

I’m at the final countdown now with just eight days to go…Goodness, time really does fly. I’ll be sure to write a VERY lengthy post throughout the day I travel home (I’ve got long flights and layovers in between each). However, I’d like to turn my last week here into a sort of last challenge for myself this semester abroad. So, today, I’d like to share what I posted on Facebook this past week:

Scotland, I’ll miss you. I’ve learned so much because of you. I’ve learned what it means to be independent and yet how small I am in comparison to how big the world is. However, I feel taller, wiser and more important in the world than I did before. I have more purpose and more of an impact now that my feet have trodden the sand, grass and streets that led me to now. I’ve also learned that I can grow; I can observe, absorb and also let go of things that weigh me down. I’ve touched the flames of freedom and understood the fire that is reflected in my eyes in my heart. I’ve been stripped of familiarity and comfort and left with my bare hands to fend for myself and find my way. I did this by writing. All of it. Whether by pen and ink or the keys of a keyboard, my record of you sculpting me is evident in the words I formed for myself. Scotland, Ireland, England, I’ve met you, and one day I plan to return again so that I might get to know you more. You’ve known me. I’ll go home with a new appreciation for home, but never believe I’ll forget you. Thank you for four months of a wildness outside the familiar yet fooling confines of contentment. You offered me the necessary adventure of my life that changed me for the better, and I am forever grateful.

There will be an extended version of this coming within my last days here, but you can at least get a grasp of the bittersweet feelings I am experiencing as I realize my departure is imminent.

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