I’ve been playing catch up this past week in order to prepare for the first day of classes, which was today! I was excited to begin, simply because I need some semblance of a routine schedule to begin after nearly three weeks of none at all.

But first, to get me in school mode, I attended a lecture a couple days ago titled “The Future of Universities.” Four academics related to the university made up the panel of speakers, including the principal herself, Louise Richardson.  Each of the four speakers discussed at least one important issue facing the future of tertiary education. I found the lecture quite interesting, particularly one segment that discussed the war between the humanities and the sciences. I’d hate to misquote who said what, so I’ll refrain. All I will say, is that I too am rooting for the humanities to flourish!

This morning I felt both a pinch of nervousness, but primarily a confidence that I was genuinely ready for the term to begin. Not that a near-two-week vacation touring Scotland isn’t nice, but I have been feeling a need to really begin what I came here for: a little Scottish schooling!

I had my first and only class today, British and Irish Drama, where we discussed a brief history of drama and highlighted noteworthy names of playwrights. Bernard Shaw was mentioned multiple times, so I think it’s safe to say I had better get to know him pretty well.

Speaking of theatre, I attended a two-hour improv workshop tonight (hence the reason I am writing so late), which was fun considering I’ve only taken one acting class. However, it was fun to actually participate and try my hand at it, especially since I am a regular attendee at the Dallas Comedy House. Which, for all you friends at home, you should go to a DCH show sometime if you haven’t already. Look for my feature story on the wall when you do!