After a long week of classes and presentations, Tirimbina was the perfect day trip and escape from our daily lives in Heredia!

A short two-hour drive from Heredia, we arrived just in time for our chocolate tour. However, to get to our chocolate tour, we had hike through the rainforest (seeing a Toucan was definitely a highlight) and cross the longest suspended bridge in the country, walking high above rivers and the rainforest.

Scary moments when the bridge would sway back and forth proved to be worth every minute when we came to the tiki hut set up for the chocolate demonstration (see photo to the right). The next hour and a half flew by as we learned about the history of chocolate, the importance of chocolate to the natives and even sampled a few different types and forms of chocolate. It was such a delicious (and informative!) way to start our trip.emily4

We crossed the bridge back to the restaurant, once again praying that the architects had paid attention in school and had constructed a sound bridge, where we had a traditional Tican lunch of chicken and rice. Just as the rain was setting in, we all piled back into the little white bus we have all become so fond of, and took off for our rafting adventure.

We would not let the daily storm rain on our parade and pressed forward with our rafting trip! Rafting down the river for over two hours proved to be one of the greatest experiences of the whole past five weeks. Not only is rafting an incredibly thrilling adventure, but as we rafted we saw every kind of Costa Rican wildlife, from birds to fish to insects. Halfway down the river, we floated to shore to enjoy some fresh fruit and jumped off one of the riverbanks.

Although at the end of the trip everyone was completely soaked, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Friday! Don’t forget to put a stop in Tirimbina on your “To Do” list next time you’re in Costa Rica. The nature of Costa Rica is too beautiful to just experience it from afar- you have to completely immerse yourself in it! Pura Vida!