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Breaking down the statistics

An update from Patricia, a graduate student in Perkins School of Theology: Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This is a very well-known and disturbing statistic. I can't seem to wrap my head around that number of people. As we go to each site, we are told how many known people were killed there. 200,000, 150,000, 800,000, 1,600... the numbers vary but with each site, I see the breakdown of the statistic of 6 million and it makes the experience become very real. This trip is intense. We spend only two or three days at each hotel, and each day we visit at least two sites or memorials. We leave the hotel at around 8 each morning and [...]

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An update from Lara, a senior international studies and history major: My dad always wanted me to play an instrument. He believed that people who knew how to do something that required special talent and dedication had bigger chances of survival than uncultured people. I used to play the devil’s advocate and say, “Dad, the educated ones are always the first ones to go down,” to which he would reply, “But those are the ones able to start a resistance.” Until today, I never understood these words completely. When we talk about resistance, most people think about ammunition or guns, but from now on, when I hear this word, what comes to my mind is education. In some cases, resistance [...]

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