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Shoes in Stutthof

Sixteen SMU students, faculty and staffers, along with D/FW community members, will be in Poland Dec. 18–30 to visit Holocaust sites. Led by SMU Embrey Human Rights Program Director Rick Halperin, the group will visit cities and death camps where, during World War II, some 4,375,000 people were murdered during the country’s Nazi, Germany, occupation.

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Stutthof: Do not look away

An update from Jazmin, a senior majoring in human rights and Spanish: CONCENTRATION CAMP: STUTTHOF GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: NEAR THE CITY OF GDANSK AND THE BALTIC SEA NUMBER OF PRISONERS: 110,000 DEATHS: 65,000 Unfortunately, the thought of establishing concentration camps had long been decided since before WWII by Nazi officials. Since 1936, the Nazis had kept a close eye on citizens and developed a  document called “the white book,” which compiled the names of hundreds of innocent Poles to be arrested. Stutthof became the first German concentration camp established on Polish soil. By September 2, 1939 (the day after WWII was declared), the camp officers had assembled over 1,500 prisoners, yet it was designed to have a capacity of 200 detainees. [...]

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