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New perspectives of JFK

An update from Bridget, a sophomore majoring in psychology and journalism: Learning about John Fitzgerald Kennedy from so many different perspectives, including those of Professors Simon and Stone, has shed a new light on what I thought I knew about the Kennedy administration and Kennedy himself. Previously, I identified JFK with the image: the perfect Catholic family, the summers in Hyannis Port, Jackie Kennedy. This class, however, has exposed me to Kennedy the person, rather than Kennedy as a character. Having a history professor teaching us about Kennedy in the context of foreign and national affairs creates a portrait of Kennedy I never knew before. The most intriguing aspect of this class is that Professors Simon and Stone provide students [...]

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Examining JFK for myself

An update from Garrett, a sophomore economics and political science major: As a third-generation Dallas native, I have grown up with my grandparents’ vivid memories of the Kennedy assassination and the impact that it had upon them and this city. Furthermore, as an African American, I also grew up very aware that JFK was well respected in the black community. As I got older, we began to study JFK in school and I encountered more information about his policies and his presidency. Additionally, I became more aware about the often-hyped scandals surrounding Kennedy’s personal life, such as his father’s mob connections as well as JFK’s philandering lifestyle, particularly his relationship with Marilyn Monroe. However, aside from what was required in [...]

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A Tour of the New Build

An update from Tien, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in advertising and public relations: This past week fellow blogger Meaghan and I got to tour the new builds that are set to open next year. It was kind of muddy, but the weather was beautiful and breezy! Besides, how cool do we look in our hard hats and construction jackets? Check out this awesome space that we're going to have in the new Arnold Dining Center! There are going to be two stories and lots and lots of space! Our hope is to be able to host entire Residential Commons dinners in our dining center once they have been revamped. There's even an outside [...]

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