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6 Reasons Residential Commons Are Going to be a Blast

An update from Tien, a member of the Residential Commons Leadership Corps and a second-year student majoring in advertising and public relations: ***Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken during our trip to Oxford during summer 2013. SMU does not look like this in any way.*** A lot of you have probably found yourselves going through this blog because you are intrigued at what exactly a residential commons will consist of. Have no fear, for I, the bearer of information, bring you pictures of Oxford and ideas that will be implemented in SMU's very own Residential Commons! #1 Oxford University is actually made up of 38 independent colleges. University College, Christ Church College (where they pulled inspiration for the Great Dining Hall [...]

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From class to campus to city

An update from Taylor, a sophomore biochemistry and psychology major: On October 2, 2013, the Daily Campus printed an article titled "In Dallas, JFK assassination legacy lingers.” It was a month into my class on John F. Kennedy, and we had class the day before this article was printed. In our class, we read “American Tabloid” by James Ellroy, a quasi-fictional story chronicling the story behind the assassination of JFK. Throughout the class we talked about a few reasons John F. Kennedy could have been assassinated, but it was strange to read the article in the Daily Campus discussing the hatred that Dallas had toward Kennedy, especially in light of my class. I had no idea Dallas citizens weren’t supportive [...]

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