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Impact matters

In 2011, American individuals, corporations and foundations gave an estimated $298.42 billion to charity. Americans, more than any other population in the world, give to causes around the world. Giving to international causes is especially high for first- and second-generation Americans who still have strong ties – real or sentimental – to their motherlands. Bangladesh has a thriving civil society. Non-governmental organizations provide critical goods and services to poor populations. From educational support to water wells, NGOs impact millions of lives annually. This is the narrative that those who donate follow. But, very rarely does anyone follow up on a more important question: What's the return on my charity? Some organizations are run more efficiently than others. Some organizations are [...]

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Behind the scenes at the State Department

Tragedy struck Bangladesh in April 2013. More than 1,200 garment workers perished in a building collapse in Rana Plaza. Workers, already being paid the world’s lowest wages for their type of work, were told to work in a building with structural safety problems. Without a voice — formally known as a right to organize — workers did not rise up against management who told them to continue working even when it was clear that the building was going down. The building owner, who had ties with the ruling political party, was held accountable. But, in the eyes of many, the international retailers who had commissioned the factory were just as complicit. Calls for reform and boycott followed. Some companies, like [...]

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