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Tracking buttercups in Taos

Shannon is a senior majoring in environmental science with an emphasis in biology in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. During summer 2013, she is taking a field botany and systematic botany course at SMU-in-Taos.

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The joy of discovery in Bali

My photography exhibit at Bali Arts Day on the final day of the program. My last two weeks here in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia were very exciting. Bali upped the ante as it continued to show me things about its culture, resulting in the addition of a new layer to my global perspective. Bali showed me its heart, its core, and opened itself up to me through its kind people and especially through the classroom of its city streets. At the beginning of my stay here in Bali, I wondered why Bali was so famous. I attempted to discover why so many people travel to Bali and what it is that can supposedly be found here. So, after three [...]

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Seeking economic solutions at CGI

Rahfin is a junior President’s Scholar and member of the University Honors Program who is majoring in economics, political science and mathematics in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. As a participant in Engaged Learning and Big iDeas, Rahfin also runs Green Riba, a storefront dedicated to zero-interest loans for Dallas entrepreneurs. During summer 2013, he was invited to participate in Clinton Global Initiative America in Chicago, an annual event focused on economic recovery in the United States.

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New Jersey’s Hidden Forests

Jewel is a sophomore majoring in chemistry and environmental science in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences and is a member of the University Honors Program. Jewel was awarded a grant through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program to conduct research on rivers in the Kittatinny Mountains of northwest New Jersey during summer 2013.

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Watercolors in Orvieto

An update from Chandler, a junior journalism and advertising major: For the last two days we’ve been getting used to life in Orvieto. Two days ago we had a full class day of drawing. We walked across the town to the medieval district and sat in the shade to draw the cityscape. I chose to draw a span of houses on a cliff that overlooked forests and farmlands in the distance beyond the city. The class goal was to draw proportionally and in correct linear directions. It was challenging at times to tell from my point of view if the house sloped up or down and many parts were sinking and therefore defying the linear laws. I drew from nine [...]

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Helping Care for Children at Orphanage

An update from Jessica, a Perkins School of Theology student studying in South Africa: Today, Michelle and I went to an orphanage in Cape Town called Nazareth House, which takes care of orphaned children from birth until adulthood (unless otherwise adopted), as well as senior citizens in need. Nazareth House, at Table Mountain Many of the children suffer from health challenges such as cerebral palsy, HIV/AIDS, burns, and other maladies. Today, I mainly worked with the 12 infant children, caring for their basic needs and trying to give them as much one-on-one attention as possible. A few of the children were incredibly tiny, as they were born prematurely. It was so sad to think that these children are [...]

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Missing Taos

As I sit alone working in my New York City room, all I can think about is how much I miss Taos. Images of the picturesque New Mexican landscape fill my head despite the illustrious skyline of Manhattan outside of my window and the breathtaking madness on the streets below. NYC does not have that precious vibe found only in Taos, and while I love finance, the busy hours of Excel modeling, and business dress codes, life is so wholesome and simple in Taos. SMU-in-Taos offers student opportunities unlike anything other schools provide.  On a recent off day, I wore one of my SMU-in-Taos t-shirts around the city. During our outing, a few of my fellow interns asked about the program. Throughout [...]

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Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Have you ever been somewhere and felt like it was surreal? Like you were in a dream, and that there is no way this could be real life? Our trip to Manuel Antonio this past weekend was full of these experiences. If you’re considering a trip to Costa Rica, I would highly suggest adding a few nights in Quepos/Manuel Antonio to your “To Do” list. We stayed at the Hotel Karahe, right next to the beach. While the rooms were a little dark and uninviting, the view and direct access to the beach were phenomenal. The hotel grounds are immaculate, flush with trees and wildlife. Monkeys swing from the trees right next to the pool. (Just make sure to stay [...]

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