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Culture Maintenance: The Pueblo and the Puye Cliff Dwellings

In my CFA class we have learned that culture is not static and is, in fact, quite dynamic – evolving all of the time in response to outside influences and events. Today we visited the Taos Pueblo and the Puye Cliff Dwellings. I definitely have a deeper appreciation for the amenities of our modern lives after learning how these two groups of people survived yet still maintained their strong cultural beliefs. Because I’m in a sustainability course at the Taos Pueblo, my class did not just go on your typical tour. We were given a tour by the Pueblo’s Environmental Manager who oversees all regulations from the United States government that must be implemented while making sure they do not conflict with [...]

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A Whole New World

Julia is a senior finance major with a specialization in alternative asset management, a concentration in risk management & insurance, and a minor in economics. During summer 2013, she is studying at SMU-in-Taos.

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Kay Tea Way and the Dancing Noodles

By: Elizabeth Bauman Last day in Xi'an went well. It warmed up but was still a very pleasant temperature. We visited two companies - Siemens and Shaanxi Auto Group. At Shaanxi, it was interesting how obviously tied to the government they are. This company produces heavy duty trucks including being (I think) the only producer of trucks for the Chinese government. An interesting note that I have is that for most of these business presentations we've been given, there is a dedicated presentation room with impressive graphics and technology. After we got back from the company visits there were quite a few who did their own thing but 2 main groups split off with intent to meet later in the [...]

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Technology in an Ancient City

By: Elizabeth Bauman Today - Thursday we visited our first two companies. XHTZ and Applied Materials. XHTZ is the Xi'an Hi-Tech industries Zone. The tour was pretty neat and very well organized. There were interactive models of the zone and historical and informational displays that were 'awesome' (Hana Litterer's description). The zone is China's government's attempt to move hi tech companies west from the developed east coast. The zone land that is being developed was farmland 10 years ago and is already 60 out of 306 sq km completed at full capacity. An interesting financial point of interest is that 90% of revenue stays in China. Next we went to Applied Materials. For 1976 transistor prices, a typical iPod would [...]

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Presenting physics research in Italy’s mountains

Professor Cooley and three other physicists walking back to the hotel from the conference with an inspiring view of the Apennine Mountains. The 2013 Low Radioactivity Techniques conference was held at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, which is about an hour and a half northeast of Rome. The conference center is an above-ground facility in the middle of the beautiful snowcapped Apennine Mountains, where the air is fresh and our allergies start behaving. Eighty-five physicists from 13 countries around the world gathered at this conference to discuss experiments that require low radioactivity environments. Examples of such experiments include those dedicated to neutrino studies and dark matter searches. At the conference, we were able to learn more about the [...]

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Of Monsoons and Karoake

By: Elizabeth Bauman What wonderful sleep occurs on a bed instead of an airline seat! Ahhhh. Woke up (apparently much later than all the other rooms) and ate a very big breakfast. Part of our group (8 guys I think) hiked up a mountain....  And we didn't see them the rest of the day. The rest of us took a bus to the terra-cotta warriors which were about an hour ride from the hotel. Some of the favorite parts of the trip - the 'number one pit' (there are 4 pits total of figures) because the warriors were lined up and you can see how much excavation they have done as well as how little they have done. The warriors [...]

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28 Hours and It’s 41 Hours Later

By: Elizabeth Bauman We left Chicago and landed in Shanghai for a 4 hour layover - perfect for customs and immigration, quick bite to eat (practicing my goal for the China trip- to be ambidextrous with chopsticks), and a drink before we left for a quick 2 hour flight to Xi'an. I don't know how much food I've eaten in the last 27 hours - nor which meals they were. It's slightly disorienting. The last flight's food (China Eastern Airlines) didn't smell so appetizing even for airplane food (fish or pork with rice or noodles) so I passed on that. I will be curious to see how many people decide not to be adventurous food-wise. The SMU admin scared us [...]

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Up Up and Away

By: Elizabeth Bauman We have survived leg # 1 of 3 of this trip to Xi'an and now waiting at Chicago for leg #2 to Shanghai. My attempt, along with most everyone else, to stay awake that last flight fell quite short as I nodded off reading the first chapter of my book. Grades are slowly being posted and there is a hesitation to 'look or not to look'. The most frustrating part of looking is that not all grades are posted - so you are kept in suspense for the rest. But our focus will be completely elsewhere once we leave this airport and unrestricted Internet will not be as readily available. One of my favorite people on this [...]

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Sightseeing in Sydney

Last week we had another week off of school so I took a trip to Sydney with two friends. Thursday was a holiday called ANZAC Day; it is the equivalent of Memorial Day in the United States. There was a huge parade in the city, only a block away from our hotel. Sydney is a bigger city than Perth, and I enjoyed being right downtown. While in Sydney we did all the tourist activities. We climbed the Harbour Bridge, toured the Sydney Opera House, hiked in the Blue Mountains and enjoyed Bondi Beach for a day. The Bridge climb was my favorite part; it took three hours to climb and we took plenty of breaks. It is 440 ft high [...]

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