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Continuous learning in Bali

Lade in Temple Danur Batur in Ubud, Bali. My first week here on the Indonesian island of Bali has been packed with culture. From informative recounts of my teacher’s personal visits to Shamans during culture class to visits to multiple traditional temples, I have been exposed to much of Bali’s culture, history and language in these past few days. The photography class I am taking has become just as, if even more, informative on Balinese culture, as it takes us on field trips to traditional events like village cock fights and gives us an avenue to boldly explore the traditional monuments and events we visit on our regular excursions. In the same way that one is technically always [...]

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San Jose and Cartago

What a crazy weekend it was here in Heredia! Despite the seemingly constant rain, we managed to pack our weekend full of interesting activities, rain or shine! Our weekend started on Friday, as we traveled to the province of Alajuela to have a day full of team-building activities in the beautiful mountains. Between scavenger hunts and learning the dance of the province of Limón, I came back to Heredia not only soaking wet, but amazed by the beauty of Alajuela. On Saturday, we traveled by public bus to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. San Jose was bustling as people flocked to the central market and other historical sights. The central market had everything from fruits and vegetables to [...]

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