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A Whole New World

Julia is a senior finance major with a specialization in alternative asset management, a concentration in risk management & insurance, and a minor in economics. During summer 2013, she is studying at SMU-in-Taos.

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Kay Tea Way and the Dancing Noodles

By: Elizabeth Bauman Last day in Xi'an went well. It warmed up but was still a very pleasant temperature. We visited two companies - Siemens and Shaanxi Auto Group. At Shaanxi, it was interesting how obviously tied to the government they are. This company produces heavy duty trucks including being (I think) the only producer of trucks for the Chinese government. An interesting note that I have is that for most of these business presentations we've been given, there is a dedicated presentation room with impressive graphics and technology. After we got back from the company visits there were quite a few who did their own thing but 2 main groups split off with intent to meet later in the [...]

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