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28 Hours and It’s 41 Hours Later

By: Elizabeth Bauman We left Chicago and landed in Shanghai for a 4 hour layover - perfect for customs and immigration, quick bite to eat (practicing my goal for the China trip- to be ambidextrous with chopsticks), and a drink before we left for a quick 2 hour flight to Xi'an. I don't know how much food I've eaten in the last 27 hours - nor which meals they were. It's slightly disorienting. The last flight's food (China Eastern Airlines) didn't smell so appetizing even for airplane food (fish or pork with rice or noodles) so I passed on that. I will be curious to see how many people decide not to be adventurous food-wise. The SMU admin scared us [...]

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Up Up and Away

By: Elizabeth Bauman We have survived leg # 1 of 3 of this trip to Xi'an and now waiting at Chicago for leg #2 to Shanghai. My attempt, along with most everyone else, to stay awake that last flight fell quite short as I nodded off reading the first chapter of my book. Grades are slowly being posted and there is a hesitation to 'look or not to look'. The most frustrating part of looking is that not all grades are posted - so you are kept in suspense for the rest. But our focus will be completely elsewhere once we leave this airport and unrestricted Internet will not be as readily available. One of my favorite people on this [...]

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