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Copenhagen, my new home

I gotta say that as my semester in Copenhagen is drawing to a close, I have had more fun here than I can even express! Right now I am trying to squeeze every drop of enjoyment that I can out of it, because I know that I will dearly miss this place when I am gone! At the start of this semester, I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the experience. In fact, of all of the European cities I had thought of spending time in, Copenhagen had never been the first one in my mind.  Not because I didn’t want to come to Denmark, but because it had never occurred to me to come here. But I’m oh so [...]

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Bonnie Scotland

I cannot say how happy I am to have been able to travel to this beautiful place.  I absolutely loved it.  Usually when you hear about places like this you can assume that the description is overdramatized, and that, while it may be beautiful, it is probably just as lovely as any other place in Europe. And after hearing so much about how wonderful it was I  couldn’t wait to see if it was everything I expected it to be. But after being there, I can definitely confirm that Scotland just IS that beautiful. The green rolling hills, the misty climate, Edinburgh castle towering above the ancient city - all of it is no exaggeration. And to top it off, our hostel [...]

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