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From fear to free

An update from Hiba, a junior majoring in biochemistry and human rights with a minor in Arabic: I never realized how similar "fear" and "free" sound until today. Today we were able to meet Ms. Jewel, an African-American woman whose family members were beaten and abused in the Mount Zion Church before the building of God was burned down because its members were trying to create freedom schools, freedom houses and more institutions to promote voting within the marginalized African-American community (better known as Freedom Summer). Ms. Jewel discussed the hate omnipresent within the community – the KKK robes found in a white man's home by an African-American maid who was cleaning and the knowledge that African-American children could not go [...]

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Journey to Moon Hill

On the road to Moon Hill I tackled two items today: biked to Moon Hill and then explored the town a little bit. Because it’s Sunday, we didn’t have class, and I was able to set out early on my ride. Moon Hill, as one source indicated, is about 9 kilometers from the town of Yangshuo. The ride was pleasant and mostly flat, so peddling was easy and enjoyable. I am still not used to the traffic on the roads here. Bikes, scooters, buses and cars all share the same space. It was not unusual for my little bike to ride next to a tour bus and motorcycle at the same time, although generally, the cyclists stay on [...]

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A little while ago I went a short study tour with my Cross-Cultural Communication class to northern Denmark  and Malmo, Sweden.  There we saw a few examples of how clashing cultures are brought together, and it was a taste of what we will soon see on our trip to Northern Ireland. Kronborg Castle First we traveled to Northern Denmark to Helsingør where we saw Kronborg Castle, also known as Elsinore, or Hamlet’s castle.  It was the castle that Shakespeare used as the location for the play Hamlet, renaming it Elsinore.  When I told my visiting family that I had visited Hamlet’s castle they scoffed and said, “Only a foreigner would refer to it as ‘Hamlet’s castle’ instead of [...]

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First day of class

Brian with rooster Today is the first day of Tai Chi classes. I managed to get back to sleep after the rooster welcomed me to the new day, and now I am rested and looking forward to practicing the form. One thing that made this program so inviting when I saw it online was that in addition to the hotel and classes, all meals were provided. I don’t think, however, that I was prepared for the nature of meal services here. Breakfast was available starting about 8 a.m., but the meal wasn’t at the hotel. One of my instructors, Da Zhu, told me to walk over to a little brick and tin building across the street, let them [...]

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Pilgrimage Day 1: Little Rock Central High School

An update from Jazmin, a senior majoring in Spanish: Little Rock Central High School “The effort to separate ourselves whether by race, creed, color, religion, or status is as costly to the separator as to those who would be separated.” – Melba Pattillo Beals Today was the first official day of our pilgrimage. Our group got to go to Little Rock Central High School where in 1957, nine African American students attempted, for the first time, to integrate the school. On May 17, 1954 the United States Court issued Brown v. Board of Education, which declared by law that segregated schools  be unconstitutional. With this law being passed, the United States was entitled to desegregate all schools throughout the nation. [...]

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