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My home base in Denmark

Hello, friends! I can hardly believe that I have already spent one month here in Copenhagen.  The time has gone by so fast - but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun! I finally feel like I am settling into life here in Denmark and my classes at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS).  Soon I will have the opportunity to travel around other parts of Europe as well, but first I must tell you a little bit about my home base in Denmark. Copenhagen is a beautiful old city - there are cobblestones everywhere, and the old, slanted buildings (dating to the 18th century) that line the winding streets make the city feel like [...]

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BRB Madrid, OMW to Lisboa!

Sorry I've been seemingly slacking on the updates, but it's only because the unthinkable happened - I got sick again! This time was less fun than the last because I got sick the week before midterms and continued being sick until the day of my last exam. I couldn't miss any school; otherwise I would be too behind and have to possibly reschedule my exams, which I did not want to do. If you've ever been sick while having to juggle classes and studying, you know what I mean. I basically spent my morning and early afternoon in class, then immediately went home to rest and do what I call "struggle-study," no bueno. A picture from a past trip [...]

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