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Reactions to the Inauguration

An update from Katelyn, a journalism and theatre double major who is blogging about Inauguration weekend on, where this post originally was published: Americans flooded the streets of D.C. this morning, showing loyal support for the nation’s leader in whatever ways they could; even if it meant waiting in freezing temperatures for several hours on the grass in front of the Capitol. Katelyn at the Inauguration (credit: The Daily Campus) After both Biden and Obama were publicly sworn in a little before noon, the President began his second term with an address calling the country’s people to build a future for equality and prosperity. Specifically, he mentioned matters of climate change, the economy, education, gay rights, and [...]

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“So much to do, so much to see…”

Another day, and another week has gone by in Spain. All I can think about is how nervous and worried I felt during my last days back at home because I thought I was going to get so homesick. Although I miss my friends and family back at home, I am absolutely in love with this country. If there were one thing I could recommend anyone, it would be to study abroad. Plan years in advance to make sure you have room in your undergraduate years to experience what I am doing. There really is nothing else that can compare. As easily as I’ve adjusted to this wonderful country, there have been a few things I had to get used [...]

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Best way to spend $5 at the Inauguration

An update from James, a junior communication studies major and psychology and pre-law minor: “One dollar! One dollar for the best present for your kid. Obama bookmarks here, one dollar!” The Inauguration brought an influx of people and a variety of ages, ethnicities and cultures to the D.C. area. With this large surge of tourists and out-of-towners, the locals took full advantage of these rookies, selling all sorts of souvenirs on the streets as people walked to Monday’s Inaugural ceremony.  If you could write Obama on it, they could make it. Obviously, I wanted every item these vendors were selling, but I only had $5. Now here were my options: T-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, hats, pants, socks, scarves, buttons and more. [...]

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A tribute to our military veterans

An update from Blake, a finance and economics major and communication studies minor. Lynyrd Skynyrd honored U.S. military veterans at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening, just blocks from our nation's Capitol building. With chart-topping Southern rock classics like "Tuesday's Gone," "Sweet Home Alabama," and "Freebird," the event drew an eager crowd of decorated men and women of all ages and ranks. In observing the interactions between veterans, it became evident that our brave military operates as one large, respectful family. At a beautiful reception in the theatre’s lobby, various branches shared stories over cocktails and appetizers, lifting spirits among veterans joining in celebration of the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Made possible by a donor, four SMU students received [...]

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An event-filled second day in D.C.

An update from Julie, a senior journalism major who is blogging about Inauguration weekend on, where this post originally was published: Today has been a crazy day! I don’t think I have stopped since 8 am this morning. This morning we went to the National Cathedral to hear famed political historian Michael Beschloss speak about President Obama’s upcoming second term. Next Kelsey, Katelyn and I went to the MLK Jr. Memorial statue to work on our respective stories. We teamed up to interview visitors, and I could not believe the crowd that had gathered at this memorial. Park Ranger Mike Townsend said it was the busiest day to date, only second to the day it opened in October 2011. Then we [...]

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My Fairytale City: Part 1

Wouldn’t it be nice to live here? Oh yes, I do get to live here, and for a whole semester! As I was walking home from my first day of class I realized just how lucky I am to be spending this time here in Denmark, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is wonderful to not simply be a tourist, but to really have the chance to experience life here. Everything in Denmark really does look like art, but far from being just a tourist attraction this is a living, breathing place, and I feel lucky to be a part of it! I haven’t had the chance to take many pictures yet with orientation going on, [...]

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Performers rock the Black Tie and Boots Ball

Twenty-one communication studies and journalism students are in Washington, D.C., in January 2013 as part of the Meadows School of the Arts’ Hilltop on the Hill program. In addition to reporting on Inaugural events, the students will visit media and government sites, and meet with political communicators, journalists and SMU alumni. The trip is led by Rita Kirk, professor of communication studies; Daniel Schill, assistant professor of communication studies, and Carolyn Barta, journalism professor. Endowed by the Bauer Foundation, the Hilltop on the Hill program also takes students studying political communication to political party conventions and the G8 Economic Summit.

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Our final day in Jamaica

The SMU group and Mr. Stewart (left), our fearless driver. The white rocks in the background show the headwall of Judgement Cliff, a massive landslide that occurred during the 1692 earthquake. The white cliff face is nearly a half-mile wide. When the slide occurred, it buried a plantation and all of its occupants. An update from Emma, a geology and mathematics major: Emma taking a break along the eastern shore of Port Royal, with Gun Cay and Lime Cay in the background. I woke up on our last day in Jamaica at 7 am to finish my final paper. I was in the sediment group, and we analyzed the sand on the beach to determine its [...]

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Our last days in El Salvador

An update from Justin, a first-year student majoring in biochemistry and world languages with a minor in human rights: The last three days have been incredible here in El Salvador. The day after coming back from ASAPROSAR and the University of Central America, our team prepared to drive for 5 hours to the department of Morazán. There we would visit El Mozote, the site of the worst massacre of the Salvadoran Civil War, if not of all modern Latin American history. The drive started slowly through the seemingly endless traffic in the capital city of San Salvador. Gradually we began making our way east and were surrounded by foothills, colorful mountains and looming volcanoes. Needless to say, we stopped to [...]

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A full day of work: Assessing slope failure in Port Royal

An update from Ben, a second-year graduate student in Earth Sciences: Beep. Huh. Beep! What? BEEP! Fine! And thus the day began like any other day, with me waking up early, of course!  After my breakfast of a Jamaican delicacy, pancakes, we began our work for the day.  Unlike the past week, when we collected at least some field data each day, today was a full day of processing and analyzing the data we have gathered throughout our past surveys. Connor, Zach and Emma working up the final Port Royal angle of repose report. We have the sediment group – we shall call them the “dirt people” (it is not geologically correct but go with it) — who were cooking [...]

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