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The power of communication

An update from Andrew, a communication studies major: WOW! What a trip. We have been busy busy busy since we landed at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. We have spoken to congressmen, lobbyists, staffers, and many SMU alums. As a communications major I was blown away by how talented the people we talked to were at communicating their message. George Rogers, Pete Sessions, and Jack Fields were great speakers who kept our attention throughout our time with them. Above all the one thing I noticed most about these talented communicators was their eye contact. George Rogers is the former chief of staff for Congressman John Boehner, the House speaker, and now is a lobbyist as of a month ago. [...]

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In with the Yo-Pro’s

An update from Madison, a junior communication studies major: Upon arrival in Washington, D.C, I knew that the city was a different animal. The air was crisp, and you could smell ambition and perseverance on each 20-something who passed you by without even a glance at their perfect wardrobe. People know what they want and aren’t afraid to go get it. In Dallas, you almost immediately get sucked into the bubble and create a routine consisting of work, play, rest and repeat. Dallasites get comfortable and rarely veer off to experience something different, with the exception of trying a new restaurant for brunch. The politicos and young professionals of Washington, D.C., do live in the same kind of bubble, but [...]

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A bit of Tennessee in D.C.

An update from Crawford, a senior communication studies and economics major: In addition to the Inauguration, D.C. hosts many other festivities and celebrations. However, due to the current economic situation, there were fewer balls and galas this year than there have been in the last 60 years. The cutback was meant to reduce government spending and the amount of security and law enforcement personnel needed. Luckily I was able to attend two of these balls. After spending the morning at the Inaugural ceremony, I attended my home state ball, the Tennessee State Society Ball, at the Sphinx Club on Monday night. Despite not knowing anyone upon my arrival, I quickly bonded with my fellow statesmen. Meeting and talking with them, [...]

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Until next time, D.C.

An update from An, a junior communication studies and Spanish major:  Well, it's been a crazy four days in D.C., with little sleep, food, and rest, but I'm officially convinced that I'm going to move here after graduation. It's exhilarating to be in a city where there are so many young people who are all extremely intelligent and driven. There is a sort of contagiousness to the fast-paced, career-driven lifestyle in this city. Even though everyone works really hard and long hours, it seems like at the end of the day, it's all worth it. And it is. If the price for a fulfilling career in public service and the camaraderie of D.C. professionals is some bitter cold days and [...]

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Divided as one

An update from Sarah, a sophomore communication studies and French major: As I walked through one of the front-most sections of the Capitol lawn trying to find a place to get a good view of the Inaugural ceremonies, I found myself feeling surprised that the sectioned-off portion of grass was not as jam-packed as I expected it would be. I could walk around comfortably without bumping into too many people, and there was even room to sit down and stretch out my legs. And then I turned to look behind me at the National Mall filled beyond the Washington Monument with an estimated 1 million people. Wow. As the hours passed and more people filed into what was called the [...]

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My Fairytale City: Part 2

I have realized that almost every post I make about Denmark is going to pertain to its fairytale-like qualities, so this is just the second of many other posts to come that will all include pictures of other fairytale-ish things. I haven’t even visited any castles, or the neighborhood of Hans Christian Anderson yet, but it’s all on my to-do list. Until then, here are a few more pictures of some of the sites I have visited. The famous Little Mermaid statue in the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark. The statue of Princess Marie of Orleans in Copenhagen, Denmark. My roommate Elizabeth stands next to a statue of Frederik of Denmark in Copenhagen.

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Reflecting on Inauguration Day

An update from Julie, a senior journalism major who is blogging about Inauguration weekend on, where this post originally was published: I just got back from the 57th Presidential Inauguration, and what an experience. I woke up at 5 this morning, and after four and a half hours of sleep, I was surprisingly energetic. I bundled up in my scarf, gloves, hat and coat and was on my way. I found out late last night that I was able to be in a seated section, and jumped at the opportunity to get those seats. Thank you so much to the amazing people I met at the California inaugural ball for setting me up big time! The slight downside, I had to pick [...]

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‘Out here to support Obama’

 An update from Marc, a sophomore communication studies major: Walking through D.C. on Inauguration Day sounds a little like walking through a tunnel full of auctioneers. On every block merchants line the streets shouting prices as they peddle pictures of the president printed on every possible piece of merchandise. One vendor in particular caught my attention. After striking up a conversation with her, I learned that selling souvenirs is much more to her than just a way to earn money. "Momma Obama" from North Carolina Jocelyn “Momma Obama” Walker has been volunteering with the Obama campaign since 2008. Part of the original grass-roots movement for President Obama in her home state of North Carolina, Momma Obama earned her [...]

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Preparing for the Inaugural Ball

An update from Katelyn, a journalism and theatre double major who is blogging about Inauguration weekend on, where this post originally was published: The Inaugural ball may not start for another few hours, but operations are in full swing here. The Inaugural Ball and the Commander-in-Chief balls, both hosted by President Obama, are taking place at the Washington Convention Center. Special-effect lighting is in place, and musical sound checks are going on. Artists set to perform tonight at the two balls include Alicia Keys, Usher, John Legend, Katy Perry, Brad Paisley, Stevie Wonder, and more. The Commander-in-Chief's Ball is an invitation-only celebration for members of the Armed Forces. Tickets were free for those attending. The Inaugural Ball, held downstairs [...]

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