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Meeting women in physics

Two undergraduate students majoring in physics in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences attended the Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference in January in Austin. This trip was funded by the SMU Physics Department, and the conference was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Supporting the troops in D.C. and at SMU

An update from Santiago, a communications major and member of U.S. Military Veterans of SMU: Santiago at the Vietnam Memorial Walking through the Vietnam War Memorial was a humbling experience. Standing there looking at those names, I thought about the issues all troops faced during this time in history. Forced to leave loved ones, being drafted and trained, experiencing war, the loss of life or serious injuries, feeling remorseful for their actions in war, unknowingly dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, not being welcomed back into their country, minorities facing racisms and prejudices, sexism, homophobia, so on and so forth. This moment weighed heavily on my heart. It was a very sobering moment. Then I thought about how wonderful [...]

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Thank you to our representatives in Washington

An update from Kathryn, a sophomore communication studies and public policy major: Before knowing who our president was going to be for the next four years, I began hassling my local congressman, Kevin Brady of Montgomery County, Texas, for tickets to attend the inauguration. The first phone call I made to his 8th Congressional District office was one of the more intimidating things I have done. Clearly his staff is accomplished and intelligent, and the thought of how easily they could reject me was frightening. They took my name and we exchanged a few emails; then I was placed on the list as a potential for a ticket. Coming from a very rural part of Texas, I felt a little more [...]

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