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Divided as one

An update from Sarah, a sophomore communication studies and French major: As I walked through one of the front-most sections of the Capitol lawn trying to find a place to get a good view of the Inaugural ceremonies, I found myself feeling surprised that the sectioned-off portion of grass was not as jam-packed as I expected it would be. I could walk around comfortably without bumping into too many people, and there was even room to sit down and stretch out my legs. And then I turned to look behind me at the National Mall filled beyond the Washington Monument with an estimated 1 million people. Wow. As the hours passed and more people filed into what was called the [...]

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My Fairytale City: Part 2

I have realized that almost every post I make about Denmark is going to pertain to its fairytale-like qualities, so this is just the second of many other posts to come that will all include pictures of other fairytale-ish things. I haven’t even visited any castles, or the neighborhood of Hans Christian Anderson yet, but it’s all on my to-do list. Until then, here are a few more pictures of some of the sites I have visited. The famous Little Mermaid statue in the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark. The statue of Princess Marie of Orleans in Copenhagen, Denmark. My roommate Elizabeth stands next to a statue of Frederik of Denmark in Copenhagen.

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