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Reflecting on Inauguration Day

An update from Julie, a senior journalism major who is blogging about Inauguration weekend on smudailycampus.com, where this post originally was published: I just got back from the 57th Presidential Inauguration, and what an experience. I woke up at 5 this morning, and after four and a half hours of sleep, I was surprisingly energetic. I bundled up in my scarf, gloves, hat and coat and was on my way. I found out late last night that I was able to be in a seated section, and jumped at the opportunity to get those seats. Thank you so much to the amazing people I met at the California inaugural ball for setting me up big time! The slight downside, I had to pick [...]

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‘Out here to support Obama’

 An update from Marc, a sophomore communication studies major: Walking through D.C. on Inauguration Day sounds a little like walking through a tunnel full of auctioneers. On every block merchants line the streets shouting prices as they peddle pictures of the president printed on every possible piece of merchandise. One vendor in particular caught my attention. After striking up a conversation with her, I learned that selling souvenirs is much more to her than just a way to earn money. "Momma Obama" from North Carolina Jocelyn “Momma Obama” Walker has been volunteering with the Obama campaign since 2008. Part of the original grass-roots movement for President Obama in her home state of North Carolina, Momma Obama earned her [...]

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