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Our last days in El Salvador

An update from Justin, a first-year student majoring in biochemistry and world languages with a minor in human rights: The last three days have been incredible here in El Salvador. The day after coming back from ASAPROSAR and the University of Central America, our team prepared to drive for 5 hours to the department of Morazán. There we would visit El Mozote, the site of the worst massacre of the Salvadoran Civil War, if not of all modern Latin American history. The drive started slowly through the seemingly endless traffic in the capital city of San Salvador. Gradually we began making our way east and were surrounded by foothills, colorful mountains and looming volcanoes. Needless to say, we stopped to [...]

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A full day of work: Assessing slope failure in Port Royal

An update from Ben, a second-year graduate student in Earth Sciences: Beep. Huh. Beep! What? BEEP! Fine! And thus the day began like any other day, with me waking up early, of course!  After my breakfast of a Jamaican delicacy, pancakes, we began our work for the day.  Unlike the past week, when we collected at least some field data each day, today was a full day of processing and analyzing the data we have gathered throughout our past surveys. Connor, Zach and Emma working up the final Port Royal angle of repose report. We have the sediment group – we shall call them the “dirt people” (it is not geologically correct but go with it) — who were cooking [...]

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