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A day of collecting seismic data

An update from Zach, a graduate student in geophysics: "Cheen", our first mate for the Port Morant shallow water survey on Day 7. After a morning cup of coffee with fresh fruit at 7, we got the seismic chirp gear loaded into the car and sent off to Port Morant with Ben, Joey, Dr. Hornbach and Lyndon.  I then returned to the dining room for breakfast with the rest of the group.  The highlight of the morning was trying out the traditional Jamaican dish of Ackee and Fish. While most of the group remained at the hotel for the day to process data collected earlier in the week, Conner, Gwen, Bret and I headed to the port to meet the [...]

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The Amazing Race

I have arrived! Already within the first 48 hours of living in Copenhagen so  much has happened and I already feel like I am beginning to settle in like a real Dane.  But to recount the whole experience well, I will start from the beginning. I felt like I was leaving the United States the minute I set foot in the Airport.  Although I have traveled through LAX multiple times and feel like I know the place like the back of my hand, it was a whole new experience. The check-in personnel all had accents of different sorts, and security was full of people speaking quickly to each other in different languages.  The international terminal is VERY large.  Waiting in [...]

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